International Project Solutions (One Stop Solution)

Quick and Easy: Let us handle the furniture supply chain nightmare.

KIAN is the go-to expert in one-stop furniture solutions. Whether you’re a major contract furniture wholesaler, a small local furniture supplier, a retail customer, or a project manager tasked with furnishing a particular space, we provide the easiest, most convenient way to ship a container load of all that you require, and deliver it to your doorstep on time anywhere in the world.

We make it hassle-free for you to furnish a space, especially for project customers. For instance, you’ve got your eye on a certain table, chair and sofa for your restaurant. Unfortunately, each item is available in a different country. You would have to contact three separate manufacturers and coordinate the shipment of all three orders to arrive at the same time so that you don’t incur extra storage and transport costs, and perhaps even end up with furniture of suspect quality.

Avoid the stress of starting from scratch when you have to source for different items of furniture from around the world. Here’s a quick and easy way to do it: let us handle the furniture supply chain nightmare.

QC Services

As a small, value-added benefit to our customers, KIAN offers Quality Control services to help you assess whether any factory (including your own plant) is able to manufacture the particular item you have in mind.

Based on our audit of the factory and its finished products, we will advise you on such crucial aspects as whether the product is contract-grade and whether the factory has the capability to produce the volume required in the given time. We can even suggest a few other factories which you could visit before you make your final decision.